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Guest House



Here at the Merriam Vincent Guest House, we pride ourselves in giving our guests the best possible stay with a warm, comfortable home away from home with an emphasis not only on comfort but health.  

As a health coach, I believe our immune system is of utmost importance.  Take care of your immune system and it will take care of you.

The MVGH has installed a complete water filtration system that takes all the chlorine, fluoride, etc out of all our water whether it is for drinking or bathing.

Our food is organic which provides you with the most nutrients.

We also clean with green products, many being made by us.

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Exciting Changes Coming!

My health coaching business, Mind, Body, and Souls,    is going to be a main part of the Merriam Vincent Guest House.

The Guest House will now not only be a place to stay during your visit to Oswego, but a retreat!  

More updates to come soon.  

Learn more about the Ironic Foot Bath Detoxing Session


A look inside and around the Merriam Vincent Guest House located in Oswego, NY.  Details are our specialty; we're not just another B & B.

Green cleaning 

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Br e a k f a s t

Delicious organic breakfasts to start your day.

- Mia Taylor

"I would recommend the MV Guest House to anyone looking to have a beautiful and luxurious vacation"

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