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Secret Garden

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Many times when I look at the gardens here at the Merriam Vincent Guest House I think about my Great Aunt Mary's garden. She loved to garden and although I never met her I have seen many photos of her garden and I later lived on the property as a young girl. I don't think as a young girl I appreciated the array of flowers as much as I would have today.

Woman sitting in front of Hollyhocks
Great Aunt Mary Sitting In Front of Her Hollyhocks

Her garden was so extensive that when I told others about the flowers she had, they were a little skeptical. Many of her flowers made me think of the victorian era; bleeding hearts, lily's of the valley, bluebells, morning glories; it was just breathtaking. Unfortunately all the photos I have of her and her gardens are in black and white, but you can imagine the colors-red, pinks, yellow, pure whites, purples, shades of blue....

Colorful Hollyhocks
Hollyhocks in with Their Glorious Colors

Here at the Guest House the flowers are just as glorious as Great Aunt Mary's with an abounding variety. Everyday is a new garden delight; lilacs in the spring, bleeding hearts in early summer and hydrangeas in different colors a long with exotics coloring the summer garden. The garden has a bit of formality, but a cozy cottage feel in the "Secret Garden" out back.

So come sit out on the veranda surrounded by flowers while you have your breakfast. It's a great way to start your day.

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