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It Certainly Has Been Awhile!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted! Where in the world does time go? 2021 has been a happy time here at MVGH; lot's of guests coming and going. Each guest is so interesting and has their own stories of life. I have to say I love meeting them all! I've met couples on their anniversary, families arriving for a wedding and others staying to attend a surprise birthday for a sister that lives in our small city.

This is a very happy house where guests have been known to sing in the living room and play their guitars or sit out on the veranda in the soft light of lanterns and enjoy a bottle of wine. I had a lovely couple from Mississippi, Emily and Todd who were here to attend a family reunion. I was invited to join them one late night on the veranda and enjoyed a great conversation with the lovely couple; their stay ended much too early!

Of course once in awhile you get a demanding guest, but that never flusters me, I just see them as a challenge and I would do anything within reason to make a guests stay comfortable and memorable. I just had two woman that came to Oswego to do some investigating into their family tree. They found out about each other on ; cousins united! Then there was a writer who vis

ited with her husband. She writes children's b

ooks and one morning at breakfast belted out a tune from her animated story she's presently working on and wow what a voice! She could be on Broadway!

You never know what to expect. I had guests that were going to be late arriving; 7ish, so I kicked back in my recliner, in my own living room and fell asleep; it was early so why not? I woke up a few minutes later to a couple standing in front of me saying hello and asking if this was the door they were suppose to enter for the guest house. "Umm, no." I was half asleep, so relaxed and didn't feel alarmed finding two strangers in my living room. The side door had been left open and here they were! We laughed about it during their stay. They certainly made themselves at home!

I've had guests help resetting the circuit breaker, kicked off by the toaster, hot water pot and coffee pot being in use at the same time (old houses; you never know...). And then there was Andrea who's grandfather who was a doctor that had lived just down the street in the stone house I have long admired. She lived on this street as well and played in the Richardson Bates House Museum across the street; fond memories.

The guests come and they go bringing happiness to this old house and making more memories. I am just the present caretaker who shares this historical house welcoming them and then before I know it it's time to say goodbye. Time is fleeting and memories are so precious.

Best wishes to all my guests. Praying you have a happy and healthy life.

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